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A good portrait for me is more than simply a good likeness. I strive to express something of the person in the image, their character and their energy. I prefer to use a mixed technique where I make use of multiple materials and techniques for one painting.

I like to make portraits on the basis of a photograph, and some information of the person in question. If you wish to have a portrait made of yourself or someone dear to you, then if possible I like to take the photographs myself.
If you wish to have a portrait made of someone who has passed away, I can of course work from photographs you already have. See 'contact' details.

The Shells Series

During my walks on the beach I was struck by the beautiful forms and colours of shells. I have not only painted them but also worked the shells themselves directly into the canvas.

Old Scientists

Old scientists worked with the ‘Golden Ratio’, the mystery of the proportions of life on earth, the attempt to understand the complexities of the forms and rhythms of life, and to attempt to find patterns therein, to find relationships and illumination.
The paintings are painted with mixed techniques on canvas. The background of the painting tells the scientific tale of in the foreground is the scientist themselves.


During my visits to smoky jazz cafés, and dark cellars where jam sessions are held, I have taken a large number of photographs. This material I have used for my paintings on paper.

Model (drawings)

I draw and paint the man who shows his emotion without reservation, trapped in the movement and fleetingness of the moment. The transparency, defenselessness’ and purity show themselves in the sweep of the lines with ineffable expressiveness. There is a suggestion of space in by the means of the tones and contrasts, and these lead to light, shadows and plasticity.
I use diverse materials on canvas. On paper I prefer to use charcoal, chalk and pencil.